Landed and Dining

We have made it to Uruguay! We don’t have internet yet so my large “real” postings won’t come until we get everything set up. But that day is coming as I just got my IPhone working here with a new sim so at least I can receive your emails, calls and texts in real time. We are over at a new friends house wining and dining this evening and enjoying this amazing view from their living room. I am thus far amazed by our welcoming, and the things in common I find with the other expats and embassy employees… I am very excited to see where this post takes me. We are several get togethers/ BBQ’s deep and there is nothing but smiles here. The meat of course out of this world! The grocery store is great and has most of the things we want except ziplock bags and cheddar cheese. I can’t wait to see what else Uruguay has to offer past our little neighborhood we have seen thus far.

Uruguay Beachcc


One thought on “Landed and Dining

  1. This view is beautiful. Is it from your apartment? Sounds like you are having fun so far with all the BBQ’s and meeting new people. It’ll be great when you get your pod,then you can really feel at home!! Enjoy!! Love always and hugs hugs to you and Kent!
    Love,Aunt Barbie

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